The Best Herbs to Keep Your Hair Beautiful, Lush, and Stunning

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The hair on your head is a sign of how healthy you are in the body. It gives off a shine if you’re happy, it shows health in how strong it is, and it shows the condition of your health in how much body and luster it has.  Your hair is the pathway to health. You can care for your hair by not using chemical shampoos, conditioners or toner on your hair. Instead, you can use hair care products made with herbs.

They are simple to make and store, you can even color your hair or rather highlight your hair to bring out color and highlights.  Use any of the following herbs for the type of hair you have.

The Top 11 Herbs for Luxurious Hair

Castile Shampoo

A good all-around shampoo is Castile. You can add any herb to Castile since it already has all the oils needed for any type of hair.

  1. If you have dry hair add geranArtium, burdock root, comfrey, elder-flower, marshmallow, parsley, sage, or stinging nettle.
  2. For oily hair add witch hazel, Calendula, horsetail, lemon balm, Clary sage, yarrow, mints, rosemary, lavender, or southernwood.
  3. To treat dandruff, add eucalyptus, lavender, Clary sage, peppermint, rosemary, sage, tea tree, burdock root, stinging nettle, thyme, or southernwood.
  4. To add body and luster add sage, Calendula, parsley, rosemary, watercress, stinging nettle, southernwood, linden flowers, goosegrass, horsetail, basil.
  5. For scalp irritation add chamomile, catmint leaves and flowers, comfrey.

To add the herbs, make a strong tea by steeping the herb in a cup of water for one hour.  Let cool to room temperature and add the same amount of flaked or liquid Castile soap to the herbal mixture.

To lighten hair use:

  • Chamomile
  • Calendula

To darken hair use:

  • Rosemary
  • Sage

To bring out red highlights, use:

  • Hibiscus flower

If you want to make big batches of herbal infusions, add 10 tablespoons of herb to 8 cups of water and simmer for an hour. Strain out solids, let cool and pour into ice trays. Take out of ice tray and store in a plastic bag in freezer until needed. Add one ice cube to a cup of warm water when you want to use the herbal hair care.

Conditioner for Healthy Hair

To condition your hair, use a rosemary or nettle infused rinse.  Both of these herbs supply all the needed nutrients for the hair.

To make a mousse or styling gel, use a tablespoon of flaxseed and boil in one cup of water until halved. Cool and apply to wet hair after shampooing. Store in the refrigerator for a longer life.  It will end up looking and feeling like egg whites. Flaxseeds contain all the vitamin B hair requires to remain healthy. It also will help with hair loss since it supplies all the nutrients to the hair follicles.

To keep your hair healthy, eat fruits and vegetables more often than greasy foods. Greasy foods tend to end up in your hair. You can also add about 2% protein to each meal such as meat, nuts, or seeds.

Of course, there are many more natural hair care products such as apple cider vinegar diluted with water for soft, shiny, dandruff free hair. A few drops of rosemary oil will eliminate dry, static cling hair. You can also mix and match any of the herbs to see what will happen to your hair. Be sure to use a test strip before doing your whole head.

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